Previous projects & Success stories

A successful fundraising campaign by the Friends of the Archives group has allowed an important preservation component to be added to the framing packages of the Bill of Rights and all four pages of the 1663 Carolina Charter (images below). All five large, framed parchment documents were placed in sealed packages with state of the art materials designed to maintain a stable humidity level, protecting the parchment from unwanted environmental fluctuations. 

New glazing that filters 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet radiation, and is antistatic and antireflective, was added to each frame. The Bill of Rights had been placed in its conservation grade matting relatively recently, but all four pages of the 1663 Carolina Charter needed an update. The large manuscripts were all removed from their old matting and attached to new 100-percent-cotton museum-grade mat board using a thread-mount system that allows for the natural expansion and contraction of the parchment. 

Thank you to all who donated to this important cause!